Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber

The Emerald Chamber

Decorated in black and green with covered soundproofed windows, The Emerald Chamber generates an intense atmosphere from first entering, several floor standing adjustable spotlights allows you to set the lighting as bright or as shadowy as you wish and a discretely hidden CD player lets you play the music of your choice. The Emerald Chamber is centrally heated although a electric fan heater is also provided just in case of the shivers after an intense session. In summer an air conditioning unit is also made available if required.

Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber

But what of the toys? The Emerald Chamber has the following principal items:

Multi point suspension

Dominating the room is the Fetters supplied multi way suspension frame. Fitted with a manual winch it allows the raising of any size individual easily by the smallest of partners. Horizontally, vertically or even upside down. A wide range of suitable equipment for the rigging is of course also on hand.


The picture really speaks for itself on this one.

Whipping Bench

A Black whipping bench, light enough to easily reposition should you wish. In built chains and straps allow no escape.

Body board

This is an especially versatile piece of kit from my own design and again manufactured by ‘Fetters’. It can be used as a bondage table and has points for securing both straps and ropes and the strategic cut outs on the table allow access to all the interesting bits. This subtle feature also means your victim can be secured face up or face down and there is still no escape! But that is not all, within 15 seconds the board can be upright allowing your subject to be spread eagled ala a St Georges Cross.

Leather Sleepsack

Another Fetters item, extremely heavy duty real leather with in built internal sleeves, keep your sub very cosy.

Leather sling

A staple item of any well equipped dungeon it allows the helpless position of the victim to be easily set and at any height too!

Latex vac bag

Ever wanted to ‘vac pack’ your play partner? This very fun item allows just that in heavy latex.. Fitted with a breathing tube they are then fully encased in rubber but can still feel every little touch. As this has no rigid frame but is fitted around the perimeter with heavy duty D rings it can also be used in an upright position and roped like a spiders web to the suspension frame, have fun!

Love Swing

Just hook it to the suspension frame, climb in and let your imagination do the rest. Wrist and ankle shackles can easily be incorporated to keep you plaything swinging in the breeze.

Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber


Many similar establishments provide the large items of bondage furniture and then are sparse on all the smaller bits of kit. Here at EMDH you will be like children in a sweet shop! Here is a brief overview of the toys at your disposal.


Soft and coloured bondage rope, metres and metres (or yards and yards) of it in various lengths

Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

Several sets, heavy duty for the more defiant sub or lighter for the smaller person.

Arm binders

A Set is placed in each Room, heavy real leather with laces and straps


Ring gags, ball gags, leather gags, rubber gags, butterfly gags, medical gags, in other words, plenty of gags. There is also a very nice leather muzzle harness for those who prefer.


Several blindfolds are in the chambers including all encompassing ‘mindfolds’


I am very proud of my collection of hoods, from lightweight non restrictive to seriously intense heavy rubber. Gas masks, inflatable, system hoods, doll faces, real leather, pony to name but a few

Nipple clamps

An interesting selection from mild to “ You must be kidding!”

Whips and floggers

You are fully catered for here as CP is one of my favourites, from small and sensual teasing floggers to vicious single tails whips and all points in between


As above, light and stingy to the serious end including Dragon and Kaboo canes, not for the beginner!

Spreader bars

A selection of these in different lengths enable your imagining to be realised

Impaling bar

(uses vac-u-lok dildo, see above). If you have never used one before it might tickle your fancy!


Keeping the energy company happy, 2 different T.E.N’s units, a Tektronic and an ElectraStim, both with a selection of attachments for CBT and nipples and also a double headed pin wheel. There is also an Old style Violet wand, not a modern imitation, which of course has great potential.

Magic Wand

A genuine Hitachi Magic Wand with variable speed control. (Not for internal use)

Heavy Rubber

2 catsuits are available (S-M and L-XL) and if heavy rubber play interests you, you will be delighted with some of the other items, these include 2 Inflatable double skinned latex sleepsacks, a ‘Cocoon’ vac bed, and a fully enclosing and inflatable bondage ball. Finally an all encompassing ‘puppy suit’! There is also a vac bag as described above. Couple these with the selection of hoods and any rubber enthusiast will be in clover, or rubber.

Plastic vac bag

Love the smell and feel of plastic, try this out!

Chastity devices

Ever wanted to see how it feels or how about putting your sub in chastity during your playtime for an extra twist. A full range of CB devices are on hand.

CBT Toys

A varied and unique collection of amusing and interesting gizmo’s for this activity.

Nipple Suction Pumps

Designed and with the required fittings to really go to work on the nips!

Heavy metal, Handcuffs, Leg irons

Like the feel of heavy metal, a selection of these and other metal shackles is also included plus a metal lockable head-cage.

Strait jackets

2 strait jackets are available, leather for the smaller person and Rubber for the larger.

Crucifixion Bars

Apparently it’s a doddle, according to Monty Python. These allow Crucifixion by ropes and make for a great photo opportunity when completed, of course other things can be done too.


Lets not forget the all important little things. Water based lubricant, tissues, condoms, waste bins, anti bacterial wipes, antiseptic swabs, pumps for the vac beds; if there is anything I have forgotten please let me know!

NOTE: Insertables, dildo’s, vibrators etc are NOT provided due to the hygiene implications but you are of course welcome to bring your own. I do also keep some brand new ones available to purchase should you need them.

The above is by no means a fully comprehensive list but hopefully gives some idea of the level of equipment and toys available to make your stay as much fun and enjoyable as possible.

Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
Emerald Chamber
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